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I don't even own a Dart at this time. I purchased one in 2013 when they came
out. It was Header Orange, automatic/stick, large screen etc, etc. The reason
I joined the forum at this time is I'm trying to find out where it is. I'm in Buffalo NY but traded it in at H E McGonigal Dealership in Kokomo, IN back in
April of 2015. Also in the deal was a 1999 Dakota. I traded them both in for
a 2011 Ram Dakota. I really miss that Dart and was hoping whoever purchased it had joined this forum and will read this. It has a aftermarket
spoiler and black "dotted" graphics along the lower area of both sides The vin# is 1C3CDFBH3DD257745. I'm just curious as to what happen to it and where it went. If you have it I can be reached at [email protected]
Thank you


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