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Good Day,
Re Joined Newbie here. I have a 2014 Dart SE 2.0 @ 30K US Miles, Just paid it off after 8yrs. not missing a payment,
Yeah I own her. I was recently advised of the loss of a ltr./ or quart of oil my last visit to the shop,In between the time of a oil change I have lost that amount ruffly 1 month. At that time I was advised by this shop that they had issues with some of their filters , and to come in and have the filter looked at for any of the issues, consisting of a seal problem. Which when brought in I was advised of this.

They had then told me the issues with their filters did not happen with the one on my car , no leaks. They then told me that my oil level has dropped about a quart or ltr. from with in the month since last change. They then topped it off for me, and advised to watch the level. So I waited about two weeks I checked the oil level, and about 1/4 that amount had dropped. Once again I checked it a week or close to 2 later, and sure enough it dropped a ltr.

So I guess my question or concern is. Has there been issues with these engines burning oil at this stage 8 yrs./30k miles.
I dont see any oil on the ground, or the smell of fresh oil, and or the smell of burnt oil, but I have to say I may have noticed at one time recently of a slight carbon smell though. There has been since about 5 yrs. in a gas rich smell at start up during cold days. Also a check engine light (forgot code) for either a un sealed gas cap or the unburnt gas fume return to tank part in which a tiny ball gets stuck and causes this code. My Mechanic told me this and did not replace this part. Since then I have no other check engine light, and the chip was then updated.

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