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Options going away! Not cool...

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My dart has been on order but I just received a note stating that the option of 9 alpine speakers and subwoofer are no longer available on the Rallye trim level that I ordered. This option is only available on the Limited trim level.

Kinda bummed, my sales guy couldn't figure out why until I spoke with a manger today and through trial and error we figured it out.

Oh well.

My dart is still on schedule to be built but still waiting for a delivery date...

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I'd hit the dealer up and see if they can install it at a reduced price since the option went away.
Are you sure it is "not available" becuase it is standard on the Rallye?

Just a thought, not sure.
its not standard on the Rallye...its only avail on the Limited and R/T (according to my dealer)
THE SUBWOOFER would be a nice addition but the system sounds pretty good without, rear deck is still cut out and ready for a sub, should be a fairly easy retro fit
Spots for speekers/subs in the trunk?

Where can I get speekers for my 2013 dodge dart ralley? It has I believe 3 spots for the sub option in the trunk. How can I fill these I would prefer stock ones and I really don't want to cut up any wires being this car is 2 days old.

Any help thanks:)
I have had my Dart for 2 weeks. According to all I had, It was to be equipped with Automatic Headlamps. At delivery, it was noted that they were not part ofthe car. The dealer told me after contacting Chrysler that they were not part of the Popular Equipment group and I needed to purchase the large screen option . I've Looked into this and the Special Edition Group currently states that these are part of that group and that group does not include the 8.4 inch screen option. I called Chrysler myself and was handed very rudely the don't bother me treatment. You need not be surprised that they changed the game on your car. After discussion with the dealer, I have received no satisfaction or compensation or admission that they may have been in error. They are sending me some literature about an ombudsman which I will have to take my chances with. Be happy you received advice of the option being deleted when you still may have the option of refusal.
Where can I get speekers for my 2013 dodge dart ralley? It has I believe 3 spots for the sub option in the trunk. How can I fill these I would prefer stock ones and I really don't want to cut up any wires being this car is 2 days old.

Any help thanks:)
I wish I would have bought the speaker upgrade for my car. the two speakers in the back are three and a half inches and the big hole is for a 8 inch subwoofer. if you want to buy an aftermarket speaker you need to buy an "infinite baffle" subwoofer. good ones are not cheap. you also need to make it airtight in between the cabin in the trunk. you will save money and get a better sound if you buy a speaker box. but I regret not buying the Alpine upgrade because it is cooler and I love my trunk space.
i dont have those spots filled either but would love the wiring somewhere already in ? i would like to get the speakers that are meant for the holes
Just went through all this myself... I have the SXT Ralleye with 8.4" touchscreen, 6-speaker, bla bla bla. Thought it sounded OK, but very weak, needed a little more bottom, stronger mids, not so shrill highs, (what you would expect from a "better" speaker). I don't want to vibrate my neighbors out of their beds or to shatter their picture window as I go by, just wanted better sound. Went on e-bay, (yes, e-bay), ordered the Kicker upgrades, (actually from Chrysler Dealerships!), plug n play! I actually ended up getting one for a Ram Pickup, 6 X 9 mid bass, 3 1/2" speaker for the dash, picked up 2 sets thinking that I'd fill the holes in the rear shelf... Ran approx. $130/each kit. Much to my surprise, the wiring is NOT there in the rear shelf! Easy enough to remedy, tap off the rear door speakers... Also purchased a Kicker Hideaway 11HS8 powered subwoofer, mounted to the left side of the trunk right behind the seat. I then bought a Clarion XC1410 Amp, 50 Watts /channel X4. $260/ speakers, $250 / Kicker 11HS8, (there are cheaper ones), $129 /Clarion Amp... about $650 for everything, (wiring kits, etc.)... Then, my time to take the dash apart, glovebox, doors, rear shelf, etc., not really hard, but time consuming.

It's not going to shatter the windows in the car, but it sounds MUCH better than it did with the original cheapy speakers. Can't say how it would compare to the Alpine setup, but I'm very happy!

The caveat here is you need to be handy, and have the tools to do it Not really all that tuff once you get going.
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Heymikey! Thanks for the poop, I mean scoop. Def going down that road with mine. Anyone running the 6X9 componants? Don't really want to start cuttin holes in my interior. There seems to be a good ballance between the door and dash speakers. Its missing that in the rear without the shelf speakers and the base falls on its face with any volume. Time to upgrade.
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