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Pics of True Blue Dart RallyE

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I'm deployed right now. I ordered a RallyE. I've seen alot of pics of the red one but not the True Blue. Can someone who has one put up a few pics? I can't wait to pick up this car when I get back. Thanks
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Here you go man, great color combo choice! Thanks for serving too!
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Hmm not sure why the pics won't post in the last two...but anyway, you'll love it!
Schweet! Thanks. I wanted that red but it was alot extra.
Nah, I think white and true blue are the best colors for the rallye..the red does look good though, I just wouldn't pay extra $$ for it either.
Yea from what I have been seeing True Blue looks good! I can't to finally pick it up when I return to the states. It's crazy I just bought a car I've never seen lol.
What options did you get??
well I just got emailed by the Car sales over her.. I guess they are redoing the paperwork for it bc Dodge changed it to the SXT Special Edition but I hear same options
I pretty much got it fully loaded.
^^Yep, Dodge scratched the "Rallye" trim, now it's basically just an appearance package as an option to the SXT...
Yep so they made me redo it but I'm glad bc the SXT SE. I saved SOOO MUCH money on it. They even offered the Redline Red color with no charge. So No Rally but it has the exact options I even upgraded a few and got it significantly cheaper! Now I'm excited to pick it up.
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