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Good evening everyone:

I've got a strange issue with tire wear, and I'm looking to see if we can come up with a potential cause. I'm planning on bringing the car down to a local tire store in the morning to have them check to ensure nothing in the front end is out of wack.

2015 Dart GT, currently 11915 miles. Replaced the tires at 5542 miles, then about 1500 miles later replaced the wheels with a set of after market 18X8 wheels. Tires are 225/45R/18.

By my math, that is a little over 6300 miles, well within what I'd consider "normal" for rotations. I will typically rotate tires at around 10K, unless I know the tires are known for needing to be rotated sooner.

I replaced all 4 tires at the same time. Front tires are completely shot at this point, pretty much smooth as a baby's bottom, wear bars are obvious, etc. Fairly uniform wear across the entire surface, except slightly less towards the outside of the tire. Back tires look as though they're brand new.

This is the car that my 17 y/o son drives the majority of the time. My wife and I will occasionally drive it as well, but it's predominantly him. He claims that the tire pressure has been checked regularly, and is in accordance with the door jam sticker (I haven't verified, but it shouldn't be too far off).

Anyone have any ideas?

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