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hello all,

Like my title says, I'm a prospective used Dart buyer, probably a 2013 model, and I have questions about this car for owners. Some answers I'm sure I could find on Edmunds, etc. but I want real-world answers from real-world owners.

Not sure if this matters, but I am familiar with the forumZ structure, as I have been a member of ChargerforumZ for the better part of 10 years (I have an '06 Charger Daytona R/T).

If you're able to answer one, some, or all of my questions, any and all input is greatly appreciated.

1. Is there a better motor between the 1.4T, or the 2.4 N/A? I'm not really interested in the 2.0, unless someone is able to change my mind here. I would prefer the motor that requires less down-shifting in hilly areas.

2. Do the manuals come with hill-assist? I would prefer to get a manual for the cost savings compared to an auto, but I'm lazy so...
2a. If they do have hill assist, how well does it work? I want minimal drifting, if at all, otherwise I'll get the auto.
2b. If there is no hill assist, how do the Auto-trans act in the 1.4, and 2.4 respectively?

3. My price range is in the 10, 12, 15 thousand dollar range, so in my area I'm looking at a car with around 15-40K on the clock. Outside of oil changes, and possibly tires, are there any other problem areas on this car I should know about before I buy?

4. I do enjoy modification of vehicles. I have done literally ZERO research on modding the Dart, so I ask if these cars are easy, aka cheap to mod?

If there is a question I didn't ask that I should have asked, please, feel free to include any relevant info in this thread.

Thanks in advance for all your help!!

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Hi Danate414,
Welcome! Hopefully you get the answers to all your questions here, but I find this forum is pretty quiet.
I have the 1.4t manual trans and can answer at least one question. The manual trans does have the hill hold feature. It does work really well, holding the car for about 2 seconds before releasing. That's plenty of time for most anybody. IMHO.
I bought the 1.4 for better fuel mileage plus better torque at a lower RPM range. It's not disappointed me in those departments. I'm not sure if it is the case with the other NA engines, but the 1.4t requires a euro spec oil that isn't easy to get. I'm on a schedule with Amazon for Pennzoil myself. I've never seen the oil they spec in stores. Next is spark plugs. Again, I needed to order them. Not in stores that I have found yet.
I think you could get pretty much any Dart you would want with your budget in a private sale. Prices really dropped once Chrysler announced dropping the Dart and 200 for 2017.

Good luck with your choices.

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