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Question about the NAV

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The map works great and displys current speed and shows direction heading. But when you touch the address icon, nothing happens. It's not lit up like the other icons. Also when you touch Go To Home icon and select set my home location, nothing happens. it's like I cant type addresses. What to do? I contacted our salesman but he is unavailable till saturday
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Are you trying to do this while moving? You may need to be parked to access certain functions. Not sure, just a swag.
My better half got it figured out last night. Not sure what she did other than push buttons but hey it works and we're happy!
ALLGIG will have a fix for the motion lockout soon Im sure. I have it on my RAM truck so that the wife can use all functions of the unit while we are driving plus the family can watch movies on the display now also :)
Lockpick C8 is the new unlock for all the 8.4" decks in the dodges. I have one at work but haven't got it put in yet.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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