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Well, I plan on this to be a everything goes type of thread. But Rules are "keep it clean"

So first thing I'll say is GO! :)
anyone know of any good smileys? :p


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YAY 21 TODAY!! woot!
thanks. Thanks to friends.. i have no choice in getting 'crazy' or not. so i'm take it as best I can. but have a good day all!
Got flicked... IN my driveway. cop said my license plate light was illegal.. didn't fine me because i was being really respectful and cool... and i just pulled in my driveway from work.

He told me kpd, pppd, sherrifs have a grant their trying to get if they give enough seat belt, invalid license and insurance citations. so he had a 'reason' to stop me. for once it wasn't the underglow... but it was was 6 tiny tiny lights on a led strip.
anyone alive?
anyone alive?
Nope, just ready for vacation starting on Thursday!
No vacation for me until next month... Nothing like firecrackers, beer and boats. What could go wrong?
WOOAHHH! like the first posts in a week or so. lol
I ordered a P'zolo from Pizza Hut for lunch. got a P'zone. very disappointed.......:(

(you did say randomness....right?)
this is an anything goes topic.. yup

never had P'zone...? so idk. i'll take your word for it as i get really bad stomach issues after i eat Pizza Hut. :)
one of the guys in our warehouse walked through our office and farted. we blamed it on the only girl in our office, saying she ate too much Orange Roughy last night. :D
oh jeez lmfao btw.. i've seen the p'zolo on ads now.. they look kinda dumb. :/
Hmm...a randomness of my favorite kinda threads!

Happy first day of summer kids! :)
SUMMER KIDS!! HAHAH lil ones :)
a little late.

new gif!! sweetness!
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MUST WATCH ***Has adult language***

...idr what works so heres both

1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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