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Rated HP vs Actual HP?

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Does anyone buy that our turbo Darts are at 160hp? I've had my Dart for about a week now, and before it I test drove the ST Focus that is supposed to be rated at 280HP and like 300tq, but that ST felt sooooooooooooo sluggish compaired to the Dart. My Dart definately feels like it's HP rating is rated lower than it actually is, and it's still stock.

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Seriously? I drove the ST 1 hr before I drove the Dart.... The Focus tears the dart up on the street. I drove the Veloster, Mazdaspeed 3, Focus ST all before the Dart.

Focus was the best total car of them all..... Comfort of the seats & price was only down side.

I think the 1.4L is undersized for the Dart. Why I just went ahead & bought the 2.0. The turbo was weak on the freeway to pass IMO. Especially compared to the above mentioned cars. I choose comfort over speed eventually since I have a 140 mile trip to work 3/4 days a week.
Oh my Dart pulls nicely on the freeway, passing is no issue at all. Yeah that Focus was super disappointing. It just felt so sluggish, but when they gave it to me for the test drive it only had the ability to go 10miles before empty, so I dont know if it had any kind of computer controlled fuel saver set up or not. It just didn't feel that peppy.
Hmmm.. I think this is the slowest Turbo Car I have ever driven.
My focus st dynoed at 220hp stock when it was rated for 250 but that 250 was probably not rated when the engine was in the car. My dart definitely feels like a fun ride but the st has the power I was looking for when I sold my SRT4.

The dart I love cause it's so fuel efficient and I was happy to trade in a 2012 focus for a new rallye 1.4l turbo model.
the 160 seems a bit low to me... i had a 175hp '03 nissan sentra se-r spec v and the dart feels like it could run rings around the spec v or at least beat it . I havent really pushed the Dart much as I dont want to hurt it but so far it feels superior to that 175hp i had in the other car of the same size
The 2013 Dart with the 6-speed manual tests out around 16.2 seconds at 87mph in the quarter mile. That works out to something like 160-170 horsepower from the engine.

The 2013 Focus ST tests out around 14.5 seconds at around 95mph. That works out to around 220-230hp, so it may be a little overrated, but it's still a ton faster than the Dart, and a lot more expensive too of course.
I thought this was interesting:

It was part of another thread on a mod that seems like it has some risk to it and according to the dyno doesn't produce any difference in power or power curve. It applies to the OPs question because it shows the stock Dart Turbo at about 160 HP actual at the wheels, not theoretical at the crank.
yup I got the answer to my own question about a month later.
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