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Remote start disabled...

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So, again this morning my remote start wouldn't function. This is the 3rd time this month. The first 2 times, I was under the impression it was due to the cold temps we've been having, here in KY. However, the 10 degree range between remote start malfunction made me think of a different connection. I do believe, if I remember correctly, my car has sat for at least 36 hours without starting before the remote wouldn't start it. Has anyone else noticed this?
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Maybe you press the remote start too quick or 3 times instead of 2 ? If you tried using the remote start and it didnt start and tried again, I believe the remote start needs to reset. Just start the car manually and that should reset it. After starting it manually, try the remote start again. It should work.
RedRallyeGirl, I live way up here in Ontario, and I've also experienced sporadic starting using the autostart on the fob. It is extremely cold here lately. Ive also noticed that sometimes the lock button has to be pressed several times as well. Could be an issue with the wireless controller. I know the one in my Chrysler Town and Country had to be replaced, when we were having weird issues with it. Hopefully we get a software upgrade which may address some glitches as well.
Same problem I thought originally due to cold and or car sitting in garage. I believe it is something with the remote start system. When it fails and you try and reset and start the car it will not start for a few minutes no matter how much i try. if i put the key in to reset and then come back in 5 minutes it starts right up.
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