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Road Race Motorsports Turbo Kit M/T 2.0

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I have been working with Road Race Motorsports for the past month or so as they prepare my 2.0 m/t turbo kit. The experience has been nothing but great as their customer service was awesome. Rob walked me through any possible question I could've had as well as keep me updated on what they have been doing to prepare my kit. For the price of $4,400 for m/t and $4,500 for a/t it is a little steep but I am more than confident that it will be an awesome project as well as keep my engine reliable for years to come. The m/t kit pushes 8 psi and the a/t pushes 5 psi. Both getting you to 260 hp with out any other mods(This info is for the 2.0 kit).
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(The 2.4 kit and 2.0 kit are basically identical besides small differences in piping.)

They only use top of the line materials. They powder coat all piping and ceramic coat the exhaust header for awesome heat reduction. They also provide a 30 page instruction manual for installation. My kit will be shipping out from them on Monday. I plan to keep this thread updated with many pictures and information on a parts breakdown and the installation process. I am extremely excited for this kit and to share all I can with anyone else who is interested in this. I will also be making a few videos to give more info and to show how the kit performs. I'll be giving updates soon!
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