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So I have a 2013 Dart 2.0 and it has been getting terrible gas mileage. It only has 73000 miles on it now I bought it with 48000. Recently it's been running rich , you can smell gasoline coming from the tailpipe every time you start it and its strong. The car has been averaging 220-240mpg per tank of gas were before it was over 400mpg per tank. I replaced the air filter with a brand new mopar air filter, it has the oil changed every 3000 miles, new tires, had 4 wheel alignment done recently all was good, all 4 tires properly inflated and balanced checked also. Also tried both 87 and 89 octane no difference. The car seems to runs smooth no misfire no codes detected, had it checked there were no stored or pending codes present. I'm stumped as why it would be running this way, I did pull all 4 plugs and took a picture of 1 of the plugs they all looked like this below., this is with 73000 miles. They are the original Champion iridium plugs even checked the gap was spot on at .043 Any clue as to why it is getting such poor mpg? Driving habit the same, same speed, same route daily, but the plugs definitely look rich to me.

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