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Saturday dinner in Gatty (June 8th)

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Many of you remember the disaster we had last year at the Saturday dinner.

Well, that place was sold in August (not long after we were there).

It's now called Hogs Pub & Grub. I have spoken with the new owner, Warren, twice. He owns other businesses. He knows what happened last year and he is very interested in having us try his new restaurant. He has assured me that he will do whatever it takes as far as bartenders, waitresses, etc. He thinks the best thing to do would be to have a buffet.

What I'm thinking is...........

We could go there for dinner and hold the voting for the Car/Truck Show Lighting Category in the parking lot. Warren is even willing to sponsor the Lighting Category for the Show.

Give me your thoughts.
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I'm going to schedule this soon. I'm working on the details with the owner now. I'll start a new thread when I have all of the details.
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