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Saturday dinner will be held at the Same place as last year. They're in the process of changing to a Mexican Cantina. I've spoken with the owner and we've cut last year's price in half.

Once again, they are sponsoring the lighting category. Voting for the lighting category will be held in the parking lot. We've also added a couple trophies so we can split the cars and trucks this year.

Dinner will be at Senor Hogg's Cantina
170 Glades Road
Gatlinburg, TN

Dinner will be a buffet of American and Mexican items. The price is $9.95 + tax. The menu will include items such as:
philly cheesesteak egg rolls

I have to give final counts by 5/25 so I need everyone to post and let me know the following:

  • Will you be joining us at Senor Hogg's Cantina?
  • Do you plan to eat?
  • How many adults and children are in your party?
  • Do you plan to enter the lighting category? (you must be registered for the show)
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