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are you tired of a lack of options for tunes with our engines? there is a handheld tuner available for MOPARs right now. AbnoxiousOrange and myself have been in contact with SCT about this. they said they would love to do something for our engines, but they need a massive amount of interest from potential buyers before they start doing their research. i want this to work out properly and to get us some real attention. IF we can spread the word and contact these links i have posted in the start of this message.
duo538: and show SCT we are wanting their support we can get them to unlock our ECU with the Handheld Tuner. Tom from will tune our cars. he is a big thing with tuning the SCT tuners. he will then become a tuner for our car as well. this is not a joking Deadpool thing, im not starting anything other then possibilities for our TIRGERSHARKS. also this is for you Power Tech guys. Tom can fix the shift pressures to make that PowerTech nasty. he can then help the car rev out to get your full power. also this Tuner will give us REAL tunes. not 1 size fits all with real time tuning , data logging and wdeband tuning for the best results. this Tuner not only can tune the 2.0 and 2.4 but it can hold the Stock tune and 10 other tunes. there is no removing your ECU with this either.

please write these guys and if you are really interested please read the word to all your friends with the 2.0 and 2.4 the more interest the better hope to see your posts there soon.

Thanx Jason
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