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Speedometer intermittent issue

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Have a 2014 Dart with 1500 miles on it. On Saturday, the needle on the speedometer 'stuck' at 20 mph. Once just sitting at 20 mph no matter the actual speed and then, the next trip, it started at 20 and went up - staying 20 mph higher than the actual speed (using the digital speedometer).

On the third trip, all is back to normal and its been fine ever since. I am just curious if anyone has experienced this? I don't think I'll take it in unless it happens again.

On a side note, the dart has been mine to drive regularly, but my wife was driving this when it first started. Maybe I should name my Dart "Christine". . . after all, once I got behind the wheel its been fine ever since. Maybe it was just a warning to my wife. . . heh
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the digital readout was stuck at 20?
what did the "analog gauge" say? (quotes because there is no analog gauges on these lol)

nevermind that second question, i forgot some of these dont have a real speed needle.
i would suggest taking it in and describing the issue, see what the dealer has to say.
NO, the digital readout was fine. It was the needle that got stuck. Its still fine so I guess I'll just keep an eye out for it. Weird tho.
just to clarify, which cluster do you have?
the one with the 7 inch screen in the middle, or the one with an "analog" tach and speedo?
I have the tach and speedo. Not the 7in screen.
so the actual needle is the one that was stuck, and the digital readout in the EVIC was reading right?
Yep, it was the needle that was bugged. It was just 2 separate times, one after the other. Then it all went back to fine. Been good for over a week now. Was very strange.
that is strange
im going to ask around the shop and see if the techs here have seen or heard of that
Just to update: Everything is still fine. So this just happened the one day, two concurrent drives, and then it fixed itself.

Very weird. But glad it isn't an ongoing annoyance.
I just had the Same Speedo wasn't reading at all but my digital was it working now through.
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