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Standard Gear Shifter (Stick) Removal

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Does anyone know how to remove the stick shifter knob?
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I've not seen one but does it happen to have a chrome or plastic piece at the bottom of the knob? If so, you may need to pop that down with a screwdriver to get to the release tabs on the knob. Oh, and please check into our newbie section.
check out this thread he changed shifters in his

the FSM states to drill a hole in the upper half of the shifter ball for removal, DO NOT do this! You can separate the upper half of the knob for removal by using a sturdy tool to gently pry up all the way around the upper half of the shifter knob breaking the little bit of adhesive and popping it from the rubber/foam base it is mounted to.
Hope this info helps everyone.
Credit goes to brr from another forum
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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