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Start your configurators...

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I haven't seen this posted yet so I though I would throw this out there.
I found a couple sites that appear to allow you to configure the dart. It's not on the main page or anything on any of these sites; you have to follow their "Research new" then choose 2013 dodge dart and it APPEARS that you can config the SE - Limited and request a quote from a dealer in some cases. :D (twin cities centric)

Have fun!
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Yeah, i've had my fun. most i made a car (because R/T isn't available yet) is about 26k o_O lol
Looks like the you can config one on the Dodge site now if you sort of back your way into the configurator. You have to be on the model you're interested in then go to their 'Shopping Tools / Build and Price' widget on top.

Spec'd mine out and submitted a ticket for a quote from a couple local dealers!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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