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such a long wait :(

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Hello everyone, I'll be getting a dodge dart R/T black on black when they become available (January as of right now?).. Lol currently I own a dodge charger SE that is slightly modded. 4 door vdi lambo door kit, color shift halos and grill lights.. I am a member over at the charger forumZ but I'll be trading the charger in on the dart.
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Welcome to the Dart side of the Z from NC! Glad you have you here, enjoy!
Where did you hear January availability for the R/T? All I have seen is Q3 which should be the end of Sept.

I am still going to wait but it is getting hard seeing more and more Darts on the road.
All the dealerships around me are saying Q1 as well as a few more dart forums but you never know
:) Howdy! Welcome to DartforumZ from SW Florida :)
:) Howdy! Welcome to DartforumZ from SW Florida :)
Thanks for the welcome :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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