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Membership Hierarchy and Promotions

Of special note: The "Z" Forum Network ( is not part of a huge corporate network like the other forums out there. It is not a foreign owned network like the other network that competes directly with us. We are a wholly U.S. based operation funded by one guy from Florida who started it back in 2006. The only way we are able to exist is with the additional support of our members. Please consider becoming a Site Supporter!

This table lays out member permissions for nearly every option on the forums. How to get promoted to a higher level, and paid membership descriptions and their advantages. Like additional storage space for uploads and private messages. More storage space in the Member Gallery, LESS ADS!! etc.

It should be noted that no one is expected to donate or subscribe in any shape or form to be able to use the forums. It just helps cover expenses, and allows us to offer additional functionality and benefits to those who do.

If you can't help out by becoming a "Supporting Member", that's cool. We still love you! What you can do, is SPREAD THE WORD about to your friends and family! If you have your own web site, post a link to us! Anything to help drive new members here would be greatly appreciated!

To those of you who are Supporters, thank you so much for helping us bring this site to cool Charger owners all over the world! It is you, who drive the expansion, and growth of this forum!

This list will also help to answer any questions regarding what options may or may not be available to individual members, and why. It should also bring to light many features that are available that you didn't even know exist. I highly recommend reading the FAQ to help you get acquainted with forum functionality!

To view this list go here: MEMBERSHIP LEVELS.

To access the payment processor, go to your user control panel. On the lower left of the screen there is a Misc. section. Find it, and click on "Paid Subscriptions" for a list of the available options. If you support us, a huge thumbs up to you! Thanks!

If there are any questions please post them in this thread. Thanks!

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iZimm27 jumps to the top!!! Thank you very much for your support!!!
Thank you I look forward to this forum growing and really start thriving so I'm just doing my part in helping with that!
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