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Two 600 horsepower Dodge Dart rally cars were created to compete in the 2012 Global RallyCross Championship (GRC) Series, driven by four-time Rally America Champion and 17-time X Games Gold Medalist Travis Pastrana. The 28 year old racer also owns Nitro Circus, which includes a television show and 3D feature film project. Pastrana is one of the most searched athletes in the world (6 million Google searches in 2010) and has more than 3.5 million Facebook followers.

More info found here at Allpar.

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OOOHHHH MYY GOOODDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!! jiz all over

shit looks like a suby in the front when the doors open...

SO MUCH ROOM under the hood of his car. which i get because he doesn't need admission bullshit. 8.4 inch screen just to be a smart ass. lol HUGE torque. hahah @ 2:00 he loses his bumper... so i guess that's a lil cheaper?

Idk all in all... I think Ken Block still has him beat :( i'd like to see Block rock one of these Darts though.

EDIT: since that link doesn't work, here is a hot link
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