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I ran across a few TSB's. I'll post more as I get time.
NUMBER: 08-039-12

GROUP: Electrical

DATE: June 09, 2012

Loss Of Communication DTC's Set In The BCM U0424 U0485 U11F6


2013 (PF) Dart

This bulletin applies to vehicle built before June 12, 2012 (MDH 0612XX).

The Body control Module (BCM) on Dart models has a condition where diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) U0424 - Implausible data received from HVAC and/or U0485 - Implausible data received from Radio and/or U11F6 - Loss of Communication with CTM is set. The BCM has to see a valid signal from the Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC), Convergence Telematics Module (CTM) and the Radio, within a set time after the vehicle is started. The BCM has to see a valid signal from the CTM and HVAC with in 2.5 seconds and 4 seconds from the Radio. These DTC's can be induced if the vehicle sits for 5 or more days. Also a quick ignition cycle or a rapid back to back ignition cycles may induce one or all of the DTC's.

Part replacement will not correct this condition. Do not replace any parts.

This condition will not cause any customer concerns, all systems will work properly, and there will be no customer indication or other telltales. Clear the DTC's and return the vehicle back to the customer.

A software update for the BCM is being developed to address this condition.

Information Only.
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