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There has been some question on how to post pictures in a thread.
Easiest Way:
1.) Simply open your photobucket account.
2.) Select an image.
3.) Copy the IMG code.
4.) Paste in the thread.
5.) Click on Post Quick Reply or Submit Message.
If you don't have an online photo repository, open a PhotoBucket type of account FREE, Easy, Quick, Painless
You can then upload your Media to Photobucket. tutorial? Click Here
After you upload the photo copy the URL (Uniform resource locator) then click the icon shown below to open the link window

A window will open similar to this:

Back out the highlighted URL info there, then paste the photo url here and click "OK"
Blamo - Picture in thread.
Other suggestions for posting pictures are always welcome.

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another way is to add an image as an attachment

this can only be done if you click the Post Reply button or from the Quick Reply section, click Go Advanced.

in the reply window you will see a row of icons along the top, the one you want looks like a paper clip

click the paper clip and the following window pops up

this window also shows you what types of files you can attach and the file size limits

click Choose File (you can only do one at a time), select the file from your PC, then click Upload

the window will then look like this

click Close this window at the top right and your image will now be in your post

the images will look like they do in this thread

there are limits to this method as the files cannot be too big and they also take up space on the forum server, but it is a good way to do it if you dont have an online image storage account
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