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Using phone to control car

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I was watching the video on YouTube where the guy unvails the dart. And he mentioned that you can use an app on ur phone to controll your dart. Where do you get this app? And how do you connect it to the car?
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I believe you are talking about the uconnect app if you have a android phone go to the play store and search uconnect. But I'm thinking it won"t work on the dart think its only for the trucks and 300
I have uConnect on my car, I have an iphone and I use it for bluetooth when driving. I can send a text, make an appt. on my calendar, etc. What did you want to do with it?
I thought u could like start ur car n stuff. Idk i just heard the dude mention it quick in the presentation. No biggie really.
That app doesn't currently work for our darts maybe they could do a software update and fix that someday but they probably won't
you can start it with the key fob remotely. why use a phone?
I have an iPhone 4s and UConnect but I can't send texts! It says its not currently available.
you can go to and enter the phone you have and what radio and it will tell you what it can or can't do
You can press the VR button and after you hear the beep give commands for Sirius Radio, AM Radio, FM Radio and the Garmin mapping app which DOES give you verbal and visual instructions to drive your car to its destination.

If you press the Phone button, you can make calls if you have a blue tooth enabled phone in your pocket.

The transmitter fob allows the doors to open automatically if you get within one foot of the car and to start the car by just pressing a button with your foot on the brake.
update: the Dart will not read the wife's texts on her new phone...all the other functions work.
Mine will do all but texts as well. Samsung gallaxy note2
I found the app at google play... it doesnt list the Dart. Its says to check for other vehicles it supports. I also had heard the dart was going to be supported somewhere on the net
I plan to follow up on this...mainly out of curiosity. Im sending chrysler some emails . I will post what I find out
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